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BJ 45

Ouer first  Landcruiser, was a BJ 45 troophy, bought used spring 2001. Produced  nov. 1981 and reg. first time in martch 1982. After approve okt. 2001, wee used it as no 1 car for about 2 years. Here after it was left for resoreration in 4 years. The work on it startet late 2008 and has jyst ended, june 2011. Original collar: Freeborn Red (309)



BJ 42


Ouer second Landcruiser was a BJ 42 LX from 1982. Its condition was worse tahn expected. The top gasket blew. After that I began the dismantle it ( in the spring 2003) I stopped temporarely for different reasons. Since june 2011, I continued and the car is expectet finished in spring 2012. Original collar: Nordic Blue (857)



FJ 40


In the summer 2010 we  bought 2 Landcruisers: Fj 40 year 1978  (produced dec 1977). Was from 1985 used as a snow scraber at a german auto sale.  It will be taken appart in the summer of 2011. Original collar: Green (621)



FJ 40


The second FJ 40, is produced nov/dec. 1978. On the road from may 1979. It wil be taken appart in the summer 2011. Original collar: Green (621) - but repaintet reed.



FJ 40


In the vinter 2011 we bought another FJ 40. also produced nov/dec. 1978, and reg. in june 1979. It wil be taken appart in the summer 2011.  Original collar: Freeborn Red (309), but repaintet metalic dark blue.


This car semed ok at the beginning, But had a thik layer of fiber and paint. Under neeth there was only rust. Uhh.




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